Welcome to Piet du Toit Wildbedryf

G E S O G T E | G E N E T I K A

Piet du Toit Wildbedryf originated on the farm Hoogenbomen,
North-west of Rustenburg.

What initially began as a cattle and lucerne farm with plains game occurring naturally, quickly changed when
Johan Gerber introduced Piet to the breeding of valuable game species.

Genetics is the key to success and with that in mind Piet started acquiring "SUPER GENETICS ".

The basic principle is to breed with the best genetics available to you - waiting in anticipation for the progeny to develop to their full potential.

Thereafter eyeballing and selection through continued evaluation is vital.


Piet du Toit Wildbedryf has joined hands with 4 other farming enterprises,
co Gerber Boerdery, Robedi Game Breeders, Sihencha and SJ Naudé Boerdery & Pamale Game.
Next auction date: 15 February 2020